The Game Everyone Hated but We Loved

Devils Third. That’s right, the infamous game that’s been compared with the likes of E.T. and Superman 64. A game with such a horrible reputation that even mentioning the name will get a lot of people to laugh at you like your pants just fell down for all the school kids to see. To me its a strange thing to witness. Why is that? Well, I consider Devils Third to be a good game. Shocking right? Its true the game has flaws but 1/10 flaws? No chance in hell.

In my opinion we’ve had so many triple a games the past few years, that people forgot what a bad game really is. Devils Third is a good game with flaws. Not broken beyond repair like most bandwagoning journalists would have you believe. I’ve spent the past year trying to convince people to play the game and every single person I’ve gotten to take the dip has came right back to tell me how surprised they were. They realized that they’ve been lied to by everyone. Even Metacritic user reviews have been bombarded with troll giving 1/10’s with no real review. All just to make the game look bad. Why is this? Was it all a ploy to get people to click on an article shouting its the next Drake of the 99 Dragons? With how corrupt most gaming journalists are, it wouldn’t surprise me. Its a new IP, by a unproven developer, rated M on an Nintendo platform. Destroy this to get a few clicks and no harm done. It’s not like it has a fanbase yet, right?


Devil Third’s Origins

I’ll make this quick. Itagaki had broken off from Tecmo and made his own studio, Valhalla Games. They immediately started work on a new type of game, an FPS/Action hybrid called Devils Third. Early promotional videos of the game looked way different than what we eventually got, but it looked amazing. The man behind Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, what could go wrong? Well, the company who made the original engine for the game went bankrupt. They had changed the engine to Unreal 3. Still the game was set to release all the way back in 2010.

Well after some delays, THQ would eventually find itself in bankruptcy itself and thus took the Devils Third IP along with itself. Valhalla Games spent the next few years fighting to get the IP back and eventually did. Next they looked forward to completing the game and to find a publisher.  After Iwata took a look at the game, he green-lit it and thus Devils Third was to be published by Nintendo.

Issues with the Game

The Wii U didn’t support Unreal. Because of this, DT had to be basically hacked into working on Wii U.  The inconsistent frame-rate, dated graphics, and texture pop-in was all the result of this. Some issues were legit complaints however. Aiming felt off and a little clunky. Any time you aimed down the sights it was hard to aim. It was a problem you could get used to but doesn’t mean its not a problem. The level design wasn’t the best either. Chapter 2 is probably the worst of it all. It looked bad, terrible performance, and horrible design. If anyone stopped playing the game at any point, it was this one. However if you could get past that part, the rest of the game ranged from okay to great.

The Reason We Still Played

FUN! It was fun as hell. Yea, the levels weren’t perfect in level design. Yes, the framerate can be crappy. Yes, it looks like a mid-life 360 game. WHO CARES! Punch someone in the face. Slide across the map into a roundhouse kick! Jump kick someone off a balcony. Disarm someones weapon and use it against them. Then throw your sword across the map into someones face. Does this not sound appeasing to you?

One complaint of the game was that it was too hard because of bad game design. The enemies in the game have weakness. USE THEM! Try a gun. Try your hands. Pick up a melee weapon. Some weapons are more effective than others. A guy with a chain-gun is a bullet sponge? BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HIM WITH YOUR FISTS IN TWO SECONDS, HELL YEAH! That’s what DT is all about. Its a slower Vanquish with more complex melee combat. If you suck at the game, you will suck. If you get good at the game? You’ll be speed running through it with hand to hand combat only in style, like me.

People also complained about the bosses being bad in design as well. The hell? Itagaki was right when he said reviewers of the game sucked. All the bosses were hard only if you didn’t know what you are doing.  As I said before, try different weapons. All bosses in the game have a weakness. Melee wont hurt some and vice versa. If you want to use hand to hand combat against a boss who has a huge defense against it, go ahead. Don’t blame the game for you handicapping yourself. The bosses in general in the game are also the best thing about the single-player. If they did anything right, its definately the boss fights. (Big Mouse’s boss fight had a rocky opening but only complaint.) Its a blast to run through. Some performance issue’s can be a problem but if you let things like that and graphics get in the way of fun, you my friend don’t enjoy the most exquisite of taste! However there was something more than just single-player. The main course awaits!
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Say Hello to its Multiplayer

THIS is why people stayed. Most would compare it to Metal Gear Solid’s MGO back in 2008. Enjoyed MGO back then? Well, DT was pretty much MGO meets Vanquish. It was everything you could imagine. Siege matches, clans, territory control, base building, destructible buildings, character creating, strategy, raids, spies, alliances, betrayal, and the various game modes it had! It was a load of fun. I hadn’t had anything like it in a long time. The graphics might be bad but they represented a simpler time of god tier multiplayer games with all your friends. The MGO and Halo 3 days. I have countless stories to tell from the one year DTO was up. It was a special club. Instead of making negative comments about the game, people could have played one of the best multiplayer games of the decade and I’m damned serious about that statement.

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Nothing was like playing deathmatch with all your buddies until the alarm rang.“Your base is under attack! So many discussions of battle plans, and talks of alliances and betrayal went all through my Wii U gamepad. From the early days, to the unstoppable rise of the clan Zeon, and to the final world war in the end where all the alliances broke. It was always the same fun every time I logged in. When a new territory came, it revved up all the clans, winner take all. Fight for your clan or enlist online as a mercenary to be placed in a random skirmish against clans. Sometimes it would get so heated we had to add everyone into a discord chat to settle a treaty to end the clan dollen thieving. (Dollen was the in-game currency) It was something unique you know? Something you never played or experienced before. The multiplayer was definitely a different beast when you used all its features. You can play your deathmatches or hand-to hand only, but if you enlisted or created your own clan it would open a whole new world for you.

Devil’s Third was an experience. I met a lot of players during the run of its online much like in the early 360 Xbox live days. Many people may call it a bad game but it was one of the funnest games I played this decade. With silky smooth controls, excellent execution between shooting, and melee gameplay. It was an experience to be had. You can get Devils Third much cheaper than what it was on release but with the multiplayer servers down, its hard to recommend unless you are willing to pay $30 for the digital version. My only hope now is that my fellow fans of the game can eventually get a playable English Devils Third Online working. If it ever pops up on Steam one day. BUY IT. Until then I guess just enjoy this trailer which will probably lead to nothing official.  Now It’s time for me to cry.


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