Switch Sells 1 Million in Japan

The Nintendo Switch has just reached the milestone of 1 million units sold in Japan since its launch 17 weeks ago. With 1,016,473 units sold, it’s proving to be very popular in Japan. The globe is raving for Nintendo’s latest console.

In a list provided by NeoGAF user Ōkami, we can see how the Switch stands against other consoles in the same amount of time since launch.


Weeks to reach 1 million:

  • GBA: 3 weeks
  • DS: 4 weeks
  • Wii: 6 weeks
  • 3DS: 13 weeks
  • PSP: 14 weeks
  • GameCube: 17 weeks
  • N64: 29 weeks
  • PS1: >30 weeks
  • Wii U: 34 weeks
  • PS3: 36 weeks
  • Vita: 43 weeks
  • DreamCast: 45 weeks
  • PS4: 49 weeks


Not only has the Switch been popular, but its software is too. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is king as the most sold Switch game, even outselling Breath of the Wild.


Software sales:

  1. Mario Kart: 501,614
  2. Zelda BotW: 460,080
  3. 1-2 Switch: 200,807
  4. ARMS: 154,845
  5. Bomberman R: 92,112


The Switch has been having a good year so far and Japan definitely shows its love of handhelds once again with the Switch being one of the fastest selling consoles in history. It’s looking promising for Nintendo fans so far. Hopefully they can continue to please consumers in the coming months as they have been since its launch in March.

Check out our review of ARMS, Nintendo’s latest IP.


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