Huge Bomberman R Update Out Right Now

  • bmr-logo-1
    Today a huge update for Bomberman R hit. This update includes some of the characters Konami teased a few months ago. Bomberman R was a pretty hit and miss game on launch. It was okay at best but simply played it too safe to do anything fresh in the series. Despite this Bomberman R had the best launch in franchise history, and Konami has sworn to update the game with new content for free. Past few updates added new customization options, new stages, and updated the game from 30fps to 60fps as requested by fans. It seems Konami is actually listening to fans on one thing.Update 1.4 includes:
  • Team Battles
  • Coins can now be earned with local play (Best feature btw)
  • New Maps
  • New Headgear
  • Three new characters, Simon Belmont, Vic Bomber, and Pyramid Head


This will surely get people to clean up their dusty copy of Bomerman R and pop it in. Now the only thing we need now is an online option that doesn’t suck. Come on Konami, if every other Switch game can an almost lag free online, so can you.


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