Relive MKII with Mortal Kombat II+


Update: The beta has been released to the public! Try it out here.


The Kombat Continues!

Mortal Kombat II is one of the greatest sequels in gaming. It did what a sequel is supposed to do, improve on the elements of the first game while making new additions to make it even better. MKII is a prime example of how to make a sequel. More characters, better engine, better gameplay, better graphics, more hidden fighters, more amazing music, more finishers, and of course more blood. While a little clunky by today’s standards, MKII is still a fun game to play. However the developers of Mortal Kombat II+ aim to make it even better.

MKII+ is a rom hack that does more than just change in-game colors, adds stuff that doesn’t belong or ruin what was once a great game. It aims to continue the development on top of MKII version 3.1, where the original devs left off. The goal is to add many requested features and even customization to more personalize your version of the game. Its looking to be very promising, and I personally can’t wait to jump back in on some MKII action with a fresh coat of paint.

Features in MKII+ include:

  • Playable hidden characters including Smoke, Jade, and Noob Saibot without having to replace any of the main roster.
  • Endurance matches. MKII was the only game in the original trilogy to not have them, but now that will no longer be the case.
  • Cheat System
  • Combo system
  • Customization menu to the game. (To change gameplay speed, fatality options, stage options, and more!)

The hack is showing much promise. They even added the ultimate MKII legend and rumor Hornbuckle as a hidden fighter.

You know? The green guy on the Pit.

If you are eager to try out this version of MKII, I’m sorry to inform you that the current versions of the game aren’t made publicly available. You could ask to become a tester but since the game is now about 90% done I doubt they are accepting anyone at this time. This sucks I know but hey, its almost ready for release. MKII+ team is ready to release the first beta of MKII in September but I can’t say if it will be available to the public. Regardless, I’m pretty psyched at playing a fresh MKII again. You can find the website at

First beta


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