A Trip to Atomic Comics and Gaming

19489345_1953859114898387_1379483398_nIts not often that I see retro games around my town. Maybe one common sports game in a thrift store. Hell, games in general aren’t here. We don’t even have a Gamestop in town. Its hard living in the southern parts of Alabama. Everything is so spread apart and nerd culture can be hard to find. However all that changed when I get a call from a close friend saying he found a store with a couple of older games for sale. After a few phone pics, I quickly realized this was not your average thrift store.

The games in the pictures were all great. Not even vendors or scalpers could touch this collection of games. No Mario and Duck Hunt for $20 here, nothing but good prices and games that you actually want in your collection. Where did this place come from? Where was it? I had to find out. The story talks about a man of legends. He had bought an old pawnshop, and simply made it the ultimate nerd cave. Comics, movies, figures, video games, manga, and anime! He had it all and more.  Talking with him I realized he was a man of passion who actually cared about everything he had. Already he was a step above vendors and scalpers. He knew his stuff. Even overhearing some conversations he was having with a customer, it was obvious he was a man of taste as well. (With a word drop of Lupin the 3rd and Berserk in the same sentence, I have no doubts he was the only person who could have a kick-ass shop like this.) The prices were fair, and would even give you extra deals if you were to buy in bulk or a game was not up to snuff.

I spent a good 2 1/2 hours in the store looking through every single heap of games I could find. I browsed briefly through some manga and anime but my goals were clear. I wanted all the retro vidya I could afford. Thing is, I wanted to buy everything in the store. This ran me at a high $136 receipt. No, it did not quench my thirst for more retro booty. I told him straight to his face that I would be returning to buy from his store as much as I could. Everything he has is that good. I’ll be back for that Starcraft 64. I’ll be back for that Persona 3 with artbook and soundtrack. I’ll be back for that for that mint Castlevania copy. I will fully support this store, this oasis in the desert. If no Gamestop will open near here, give it to the people to do it themselves.

As I said his collection of retro video games is incredible. Few but all quality. I don’t want to downplay the other major aspects of the store. As I said, he has comics, new games, older games, trading cards, game systems, and a HUGE collection of movies.  The store is simply geek heaven. If you ever find yourself in Brewton Alabama, definitely check out Atomic Comics and Gaming. Its a breath of fresh air in a stale nerd-less countryside.


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