’91 Tokyo Toy Show Footage Reveals Cut Mega Man 4 Sub-Boss


A YouTube user by the name of Robert Hoskin recently posted a video of a video game showcase at the Tokyo Toy Show. You know? Back when video games were still considered toys. Nothing excites me more than people one day unearthing and discovering retro games long forgotten. It’s even better when we get more info on an unreleased game, or content that didn’t make it into the final cut. The sphinx is one of those exciting things to me as a Mega Man fan and retro enthusiast. The sphinx sub-boss was first seen in an issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly back in 1991, and has since never been seen again. That is, until now. Check out video the below! You can see the sub-boss at the 4:13 mark.  It’s also worth watching the rest of it just to witness some gaming history.


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